Cap or Capless Audio DAC

The Innosilicon Audio Codec is a 24-bit solution that supports both cap and capless outputs from mono up to 7.1 surround sound. Based on a Sigma-Delta noise-shaping technique with full path filters, the Codec is low power while providing 95dB SNR in DAC and 93dB SNR in ADC.

A self-contained solution, the ADC, DAC and power amplifier are all integrated to create a reliable solution that is both low in noise and small in size. This impressive Audio Codec is suitable for applications in high end consumer, automotive, multimedia and many other digital audio systems.


  • Silicon proven in 14/16nmFinFet, 28nm, 40nm, 55nm, 65nm, 90nm and 130nm across SMIC, TSMC & Global Foundries

  • 24 bit DAC with 95dB SNR

  • 24 bit ADC with 93dB SNR

  • Supports cap or capless output with impedances from 16Ω to 32Ω with custom analog pads

  • Microphones can either be single ended or differential while the Automatic Level Control provides smooth audio recording

  • Contains no mixed signal circuitry for a smaller solution with simple, but flexible, integration

  • Uses core voltage for the Codec and IO voltage for the IO. No special power requirements

  • Small die size (28nm) 0.5mm2 for ADC or DAC path, 1.62mm2 for complete stereo Codec

  • Low power (28nm) 6mW for stereo playback, 7mW for stereo recording and less than 5μA in standby

  • Mono, Stereo, 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound support

  • Programmable input and output analog gains

  • Integrated digital interpolation & decimation filters

  • Sampling rate support for: 8, 12, 16, 24, 32, 44.1, 48 and 96kHz

  • A fractional PLL supporting 6MHz to 20MHz input reference clocks is an available option


  • Low power consumption

  • Fully customizable

  • Small area

  • Simple integration process

  • Available options include:

  • FPGA integration support

  • Chip level integration