HDMI 2.1/2.0/1.4 Tx and Rx PHY & Controller

Innosilicon 低功耗、混合信号 HDMI TX/RX IP提供完整的包含PHY和控制器controller的HDMI 2.1/2.0/1.4 标准兼容接口解决方案,用于传输视频和音频流。

每通道高达 12Gb/s 的传输速率,支持 3D 和从 480i 到 8K@60/50Hz 的分辨率。 此 HDMI 解决方案针对面积和功率进行了优化,包含所有必要的 PHY 组件,包括高速 I/O、初级和次级 ESD、PLL 以及视频、音频和控制处理单元。

该IP的设计考虑了生产测试支持,其中包含 BIST、环回和边界扫描。

The Innosilicon low power, mixed signal HDMI-IP™ Transmitter provides a complete HDMI 2.1/2.0/1.4 standard compliant interface solution for delivering video and audio streams.

With a transmission rate up to 12Gb/s per channel, it supports 3D and resolutions from 480i to 8K@60/50Hz. Optimized for both area and power, this HDMI solution contains all necessary PHY components including high speed I/Os, primary and secondary ESD, and PLL along with video, audio and control processing units.

This PHY is designed with production test support in mind with BIST, loop back and boundary scan all incorporated.


  • All major processes fully covered, such as 110nm, 55nm to 28nm, 22nm, 14nm, 12nm, 8nm, 7nm, 6nm, 5nm.

  • Power consumption: typical<75mW @ 12Gbps(14nm)

  • Compliant with HDMI2.1, HDMI2.0, HDMI1.4 and DVI1.0 specifications

  • Up to 12Gbps per data channel

  • Video support includes

    • 3D and 8K@60/50Hz

    • DTV 480i/p, 576i/p, 720i/p, 1080i/p

    • Color depth of 24, 30 or 36bits RGB & YcbCr

    • YcbCr 4:2:0 2160p@60/50Hz

  • SPDIF output supports PCM, Dolby Digital, DTS (32-1536kHz F/s) using IEC60958 and IEC 61937

  • Support programmable output swing, termination and pre-emphasis

  • Built-in low jitter PLL and bandgap reference

  • Smallest area can down to 0.53mm2 including IO and ESD in certain processes (SMIC 14nm)

  • APB slave interface for internal register access

  • Evaluation board and test chip if available

  • Embedded primary and secondary ESD

  • Production test supported with BIST, loop back and boundary scan

  • Deliverables support all major EDA tools and contain a detailed integration guide

  • Optional HDMI controller solution available


  • Low power consumption

  • Fully customizable

  • Small area

  • Simple integration process

  • Available options include

    • Test chips and test boards

    • FPGA integration support

    • Chip level integration